St. James Episcopal Church
Thursday, September 18, 2014
Located on Historic Route 7A in the heart of Arlington, VT
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The St. James’ Weekly Newsletter from

September 14, 2014 

 Looking Ahead

 Saturday, October 4 ………………….…………………………..……………...Harvest Fest

Friday, October 31 – Saturday, November 1………….. Diocesan Convention

Friday, November 14……………………...Commemoration of the Consecration of                                    

           Samuel Seabury, first Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States,

           November 14, 1784, Aberdeen, Scotland



The Prayers of the People

For the Sick:  Ken Blackler; Garrett Brewer; Janet Burch; John Clancy; Sue DeMarsico; Peter Garneau; Pamela Harris; Marie Hauck; Joel Hill; Esther Jaffee; John Jaworski; Bruce Keene; Joyce Klugewicz; John Laughrey; Allan Mears; Jack Michael; R. Moore; Cecelia O’Brien; Susy Schott; June Sherwin; Shirley and Don Smith; Yvonne Sutton; Dot Whitley; Allan; Anita; Bruce; Dennis; Dick; Helen; Isaac; John; Judy; Kay

For the Departed:   In memory of the victims of 9/11

For Those In Need of Our Prayers:   Charles; Anna, Sherri; Alyce; Curtis and his family; Sara; John and Katie; Joan; the victims of natural disasters around the world; the people of Iraq and in all of the Middle East; the children of Syria and all children affected by conflict and turmoil; refugees around the world; pray for peace among all the nations of the world.             

For Those Who Celebrate This Week:

Birthdays:  9/15-Kathleen Moore; Judy Cottage; 9/18-J. K. Werner; 9/20-John Cook

Wedding Anniversaries:   9/20-Gloria and Bob Alexander; Cindy and Dennis Sullivan

Baptismal Anniversaries:  9/15-Philip Leroy Sherwin at Olivet Church, East Arlington,

                    Mabel T. Winch, Pastor; 9/22-Lilian Eleanor Bedor; 9/23-Jake Claro

For Those Who Serve in the Armed Forces:  Gary Marckres; Amy

In Thanksgiving:  For the ministers of Coffee Hour and the ministers of Church Cleaning; for all those who volunteer their time, talent and treasure for the work of the parish; for the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit; for the gift of faith; for the hope of peace.  

For The Church:  For Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Katharine, our Presiding Bishop; Thomas, our Bishop; for the people and mission of this Diocese; for this parish of St. James’, its mission, and for Scott, our priest; for the Rev. Keith F.  Patterson, priest; for the Rev. Sean Lanigan, priest; in the Diocesan Prayer Calendar we pray for St. John’s in the Mountains, Stowe and The Church of the Province of the West Indies.   


PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE:  The list of those who have requested our prayers and remembrances is printed weekly in SJWN. Please remember to read the list each week so that you may recall the individuals for whom we pray collectively at that time.  Don’t forget to send us any updates about people you may have added to the list. Forms are available on the table in the nave after the last row of pews.   


A REMINDER: INFORMATION FOR SJWN is due no later than Wednesday of each week by 4PM.  Patricia Michael is the contact person. E-mail or to submit your information. Thank you!


From the Rector

The Parish Discretionary Fund is used exclusively for outreach in our community.  To the best of my ability, these funds are used to help individuals recover from life changing events in their lives and get back on track. In the past eight months we have assisted numerous people recover from health issues, divorce, separation, loss of jobs, etc.  This fund has been used to pay for: A month or two of rent for individuals; driver's licenses so they are able to drive to interviews and find employment; phone bills enabling an individual to receive notification of a new job; other utilities; prescription drugs; food and gas; as well as an occasional overnight stay at local hotels.

              Because of the many calls for help, we have overspent the amount provided by your generosity.  The leadership of the parish, the Vestry, understands that this type of outreach is an important part of our ministry to the community and has okayed this overage for the time being. 

            The area churches occasionally give funds to our parish discretionary fund understanding that because St. James' is located on 7A and the first church seen in town, it is highly visible. Thus, this truly is a community effort.

            I believe the need in our community will increase in the coming months as we head into the heating season.  I am asking you to be as generous as possible to this fund whenever you can, not simply on the first Sunday of the month. Any amount you are able to donate is most appreciated. 
            Thank you,

            Fr. Scott



SEPTEMBER IS HUNGER ACTION MONTH. Last week we told you about some opportunities to help as individuals or as a parish. Here are more details:

  • Pick for Your Neighbor: During apple season, volunteers pick and purchase extra apples for donation to the Vermont Foodbank. The Foodbank will distribute the apples throughout Vermont to our neighbors in need of food assistance.  Our “Pick Date” is next Sunday, September 21. After (a brief) coffee hour, we will carpool from church to pick at a local participating orchard. Rain date is Sunday, Sept. 28th.  Bring a bag lunch to enjoy at the orchard.  The cost of the apples is $16 a half bushel.  If you can’t pick, donate!
  • Test and Taste Recipes for “Vermont Fresh: A Fruit and Vegetable Handbook.” We will be able to test and taste recipes as well as invent new, budget recipes. No experience is required; all you need is the ability to follow recipes, take photos, offer feedback or invent new recipes for basic fruits and vegetables. We will be working together in the church kitchen for this project. No date has been set for this project. The Pick Project takes priority because of weather and harvest concerns.

Check with Sue Claro for more information. These are great ways to continue our active commitment in the fight to alleviate hunger in our community.  It’s also a way to have fun together as we work.   


Let’s Get Moving! St. James has received two generous grants over the past couple of years.  One is for energy efficiency initiatives and the improvement of the heating systems in the undercroft and Memorial Lounge. The other is for improvements to our kitchen facility along with related hospitality issues or even programs we might offer.

We need your help!  If you are interested in participating in either the “Heating Group” or the “Hospitality Group”, please speak to Father Scott or Sue Claro.  In order for these things to actually happen, we need a group to discuss ideas and options, make plans, get quotes, etc.  Once we get a group of people interested in participating, we can set up an initial meeting and get moving. We need you!!

                                                - Fr. Scott and Sue Claro, Rector’s Warden 


-  -  -  -  -  -  -


Thank you to everyone who participated in the debriefing and planning session for Harvest Fest 2014.  Special thanks to those who volunteered to help in leadership roles as well. Here’s the list so far:

  • Bake Table: Pat Clancy and Dot Grout
  • Vendors: Joanna Taylor and Patricia Michael
  • Pie-Making: Joanna Taylor and Beth Neal (See schedule below.)
  • Chili Booth: Sue Claro
  • Coffee Bar/Drinks/Desserts: Patricia Michael, Coordinator. Volunteer “baristas” are Irene Novotny, Don Brown, Marian Sibley and Marge Greenwald.
  • Harvest Baskets: Nancy Boardman and Jill Roosma
  • The St. James’ Grill: Phil Sherwin and the Sherwin Family
  • Collectors’ Corner: June Sherwin. See special note below.

Mark your calendars for Harvest Fest Pie-Making! Joanna Taylor and Beth Neal are recruiting members for the Pie-Making Team. Here’s the schedule for

Pie-Making Day, Thursday, October 2:

            10AM: Meet in the church kitchen to make crusts, peel apples, set-up.

            6PM: Meet in the church kitchen to prepare pies.

            7PM: Pick up your pie (or pies) to take home to bake.

Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board. If you have any questions, see Joanna or Beth.

Collectors’ Corner: This is another version of the “Recycle and Reuse” table from Norman’s Attic. Some special items were carried over from that collection so we are issuing a call for you to search through your homes and garages and storage bins to donate to Collectors’ Corner. Some things we can’t accept (based on previous experience): Please, NO books, clothing, electronics, small or large appliances, no DVDs, tapes, and the like. If in doubt, check with June Sherwin, Joanna Taylor or Patricia Michael.

Harvest Baskets: Please consider donating a Harvest Basket. More than one individual may sponsor a basket if you prefer. Dollar value of each basket should be $20 or more. Baskets are due on Friday, September 26. Please put your basket on the back pew in the church by that date. Chosen themes to date are: BBQ, Wine, Dog, Children's Crafts, Younger Lady's Tea Party. Suggestions for other baskets are: Coffee, Halloween, Thanksgiving. More than one basket may have the same them. For additional ideas, check out “google” for their list of raffle basket ideas. Any baskets are welcome; you may also choose decorative containers that suit your theme if you prefer. If you have any questions, check with Nancy Boardman or Jill Roosma. Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board.

All Donation and Help Sign-Up Sheets are on the bulletin board. Please check them out and decide where you might give a hand and what you might contribute. We are also making a special request for cash donations to subsidize the cost of

food and supplies.  Please be as generous as you can with your time and talents! No gift of time or treasure is too small. This is our own special event so let’s all participate any way we can!!!