St. James Episcopal Church
Friday, October 31, 2014
Located on Historic Route 7A in the heart of Arlington, VT
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This Week at St. James’

October 27- November 2, 2014



Monday, October 27

            Out of Town Meeting – Fr. Scott

7:00 PM – Spanish Group - undercroft


Tuesday, October 28 – St. Simon and St. Jude, Apostles

9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Patricia Michael

            8:00 PM – AA 


Wednesday, October 29 – James Hannington and his Companions, Bishop of

Eastern Equatorial Africa, Martyrs, 1885

5:30 PM – Informal Holy Eucharist in the Celtic style


Thursday, October 30 – John Wyclif, Priest and Prophetic Witness, 1384


9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Jill Roosma


Friday, October 31 – All Hallows’ Eve – Paul Shinji Sasaki and Philip Lindel

Tsen, Bishop of Mid-Japan and of Tokyo, 1946; Bishop of Honan, China, 1954

            9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Sarah Smith

            Diocesan Convention – Jay Peak, VT


Saturday, November 1 – All Saints’

            Diocesan Convention – Jay Peak, VT


Sunday, November 2 – All Saints’ and Ingathering Sunday

 8:00 am Holy Eucharist Rite I – The 8:00 am worship is a simple, quiet service. The

service begins with the Liturgy of the Word (scripture, prayers, and sermon) and ends

with the Liturgy of the Table (Holy Communion). There is no music at this service,

and it lasts approximately 45 minutes.


10:00 am Holy Eucharist Rite II –  The 10:00 am service includes hymns and music.

This service usually lasts about 75 minutes. Following the service there is a time of fellowship and refreshments.


7:30 PM – AA 



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            Listen to Sunday’s Sermon:  October 12

                          October 19

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            Annual Appeal PowerPoint and discussion from the October 12 Kickoff Brunch




Looking Ahead



Friday, October 31 – Saturday, November 1…………….. Diocesan Convention


Sunday, November 2, 8 and 10 AM………………………………….All Saints’ Sunday

                           Pledge Ingathering Sunday


Wednesday, November 12, 5:30PM..…Holy Eucharist followed by Abundance    

     Celebration and Parish Potluck Dinner

        The Eucharist will Commemorate the Consecration of Samuel Seabury in 1784


FridayNovember 14..Commemoration of the Consecration of  Samuel Seabury,

                                                first Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States,

                                                                              November 14, 1784, Aberdeen, Scotland

The Prayers of the People

For the Sick:  Ken Blackler; Garrett Brewer; Janet Burch; John Clancy;

Peter Garneau; Pamela Harris; Marie Hauck; Esther Jaffee; John Jaworski; Bruce Keene; Joyce Klugewicz; John Laughrey; Darrell Longtin; Jack Michael; R. Moore; Cecelia O’Brien; Susy Schott; June Sherwin;  Yvonne Sutton; Dot Whitley; Allan; Anita; Bruce; Dennis; Dick; Helen; Isaac; John; Judy; Kay

For the Departed:   Shirley Smith; John,  Mary Gordon (anniversary)  

For Those In Need of Our Prayers:  Don Smith and the family and friends of Shirley Smith; Charles; Anna, Sherri; Alyce; Curtis and his family; Sara; John and Katie; Joan; Cathy; Alex; Sofia; the victims of natural disasters around the world; the people of Iraq and in all of the Middle East; the children of Syria and all children affected by conflict and turmoil; refugees around the world; pray for peace among all the nations of the world.             


For Those Who Celebrate This Week:

Birthdays:  10/27-Suzanne Tschorn; 10/28-Claudia Blackler

Wedding Anniversaries:   10/26-Judie and Bob Brower; 10/28-Carolyn and Don

                            Moors; 10/30-Nicky and Brian Little

Baptismal Anniversaries:  None this week  

For Those Who Serve in the Armed Forces:  Gary Marckres; Amy;

Willow Bucckieri-Sibley


In Thanksgiving:  For our office volunteers; for this parish family; the beauty and wonders of autumn; for the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit; for the gift of faith; for the hope of peace.


 For The Church:  For Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Katharine, our Presiding Bishop; Thomas, our Bishop; for the people and mission of this Diocese; for this parish of St. James’, its mission, and for Scott, our priest; for the Rev. Keith F.  Patterson, priest; for the Rev. Sean Lanigan, priest; in the Diocesan Prayer Calendar we pray for St. Paul’s Church, White River Junction and The Philippine independent Church.    


PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE:  The list of those who have requested our prayers and remembrances is printed weekly in SJWN. Please remember to read the list each week so that you may recall the individuals for whom we pray collectively at that time.  Don’t forget to send us any updates about people you may have added to the list. Forms are available on the table in the nave after the last row of pews.    


Monday, October 27: Office hours 9AM-12 noon.  

Friday, October 31 and Saturday, November 1: Diocesan Convention


A REMINDER: We are entering heating season so please be mindful that the doors at the foot of the stairs into the undercroft should be kept closed in order to conserve as much heat as possible.  Thank you. Fr. Scott



We alternate watching movies and reading books together. Do not feel you must participate in each book or movie discussion - you can decide as we go along. All movie screenings and meetings will be in the undercroft. If you prefer to watch the movie at home, that is just fine! If you would like to read "Chasing Francis" with us, please contact Kathleen Moore by today, Sunday, October 26th, so we can order the books. 


Sunday, October 26th following 10am service: Discuss "The Truman Show"

Friday, November 21st: Discuss book "Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim's Tale"

Friday, January 30th: Watch movie "The Fault in Our Stars"

Sunday, February 1st: Discuss movie "The Fault in Our Stars"

Friday, February 20th: Discuss book "I am Malala"


For more information, please check with Kathleen Moore.





On Sunday, November 2, Daylight Saving Time 2014 ends at 2:00AM.

Remember to set your clocks back one hour.


ST. JAMES FOUNDATION BOARD MEETING is scheduled for Thursday, November 13 at 7PM in the Undercroft. Our representative from Prentiss-Smith will be present to discuss our portfolio, review the year’s activity and answer questions. Board members: Please let Marilyn King, President of the Foundation, know if you are planning to attend.


            A message from Fr. Scott:  Sunday, November 2 is All Saints’ Sunday and also Pledge Ingathering Sunday. Please remember to bring your completed pledge card with you to place in the offering plate that morning.  If you are unable to attend worship that morning, please mail your pledge card to the office or drop it off in the office before next Sunday. We will bless our tithes and pledges at both worship services. Thank you.  Fr. Scott 

            The Celebration Abundance is Wednesday, November 12 with the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist at 5:30PMfollowed by a parish potluck dinner. There are sign-up sheets for participation in the dinner on the bulletin board in the undercroft.

2015 PARISH DIRECTORY. A draft copy of the 2015 Parish Directory is on the table at the end of the last row of pews on the Epistle side. Please review your entry and make any necessary corrections or additions. If you are not included and would like to be, please add your information on one of the green forms on the table. If you have any questions, please see Sue Claro or speak with one of today’s greeters.   


Make your car and our Parish Discretionary Fund happy at the same time. Midas Muffler has a company foundation that gives money back to the communities they serve.  Buy an oil change-tire rotation for $44.99, fill out a coupon, and the St. James’ Parish Discretionary Fund will receive $10.00 from it at the end of the month in which the service is performed.You must mention St. James for them to give you the coupon and the credit. You may also take a flyer from the church with “St. James Parish Discretionary Fund written in the appropriate space. It doesn't cost you anything above the cost of the oil change-tire rotation and it helps us. If you have any questions, please see Mary Ann Mento.

PLANNING MEETING FOR 2015 FREE COMMUNITY DINNERS AND KITCHEN AND HOSPITALITY IMPROVEMENTS. Mark your calendars!  On Sunday, November 16 at 11:30 a.m. there will be a two-part meeting:

Part One will initiate the planning for the 2015 schedule of Free Community Dinners at St. James.

Part Two will initiate the planning for the kitchen renovations and improvements in our hospitality initiatives and programs, projects made possible by the generous grant we received recently for this purpose. The meeting is open to all who are interested in working in either or both of this exciting endeavors. We need your thoughts and ideas and your willingness to help. If you have any questions about the meeting in advance, please see Sue Claro. Or just come to the meeting on November 16 and find out what others are thinking and offer your own ideas. Everyone is welcome to participate. 


MUSIC DATES TO REMEMBER FOR DECEMBER. St. James’ Church will be the site of two wonderful musical events in December.

            First up: The Bennington Choral Society, now directed by Cailin Marcel Manson, will present the second of its December concert performances at St. James on Sunday, December 7 at 3PM. (The Saturday concert will be at St. Peter’s Church, Bennington.) The theme for this year’s concert performance is “the majesty of music”. According to Manson, “it's a collection of pieces in either English or Latin (although we do have one piece that is in Church Slavonic) that discuss glory or majesty or any of those terms, in various contexts.” The program will include two of Handel's coronation anthems, which were composed for the 1727 crowning of England's King George II and Queen Caroline, and other works by American composer Dominick Argento and British composers Ralph Vaughan Williams and John Rutter.

             Then, on Sunday, December 28, at 3PM, St. James’ Church will be the scene for the beloved Messiah Sing-Along. This is always a joyful occasion.

Mark your calendars, please!!!



At its October 15, 2014 meeting, the vestry voted to use Fair Trade coffee and sugar at all parish functions. 


A "fair trade" company works to ensure that raw materials used in its products(e.g. coffee or sugar cane) are purchased at fair prices from operations that respect  the dignity of its workforce, providing a living wage and safe working conditions. Buying fair trade coffee and sugar helps us respect the dignity of human beings around the globe. It costs us a little more, but it ensures that more people will be able to enjoy God's abundance.  This coffee and sugar will be purchased by the parish and will be available in the kitchen for use whenever needed. 

At its September 17, 2014 meeting, the vestry decided that coffee hour is really about fellowship.  Vestry members felt that food items are a gift provided by members of the congregation and are an expression of God’s abundance in their lives.  If for some reason no one has signed up to provide food items on a particular Sunday, someone will make the coffee but no other food items will be provided.   This will eliminate the frantic rush to provide something to eat that potentially draws that person or persons out of worship.

                                                                         St. James’ Vestry Members

ST. PETER’S CHURCH, BENNINGTON, OFFERS WORKSHOP SERIES ON CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER. The series is entitled “Intimacy with God: Transforming the Obstacles of the Mind & Heart:  Contemplative Prayer.”  Fr. Justin Lanier, Rector of St. Peter’s, According to Fr. Justin Lanier, Rector of St. Peter’s Church, will be the principal teacher and guide for the sessions. According to Fr. Lanier, “The origins and goal of this practice is Contemplation: resting in the Divine within, at the source and throughout all that is, dwelling in the ground of the heart. We will learn Centering Prayer as a way to cultivate receptivity to God’s presence and action in us. We will also discover how God heals the afflictive thoughts and emotions that obscure our deeper life in Christ.”

Fr. Lanier has been teaching Centering Prayer with Contemplative Outreach since 2006; it was his primary work before focusing on parish work. He was a monk at St. Benedict’s Monastery and has studied with Fr. Thomas Keating since 1996.

The dates for the workshops are Wednesdays November 5 and 12 and December 3 and 11.  Each session begins with dinner at 5:30PM with the workshop from 6-8PM. Childcare will be provided.

For more information, call the parish office at 802-442-2911 or send an email to You may also visit their website at