St. James Episcopal Church
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Located on Historic Route 7A in the heart of Arlington, VT
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This Week at St. James’

Pentecost 7, Feast of St. James (transferred)

July 21-27, 2014



Monday, July 21 – Albert John Luthuli, Prophetic Witness in South Africa, 1967

            9:00 – 12 noon – Office hours – Fr. Scott

7:00 PM – Spanish Group - undercroft


Tuesday, July 22 – St. Mary Magdalene

9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Patricia Michael

            8:00 PM – AA 


Wednesday, July 23

5:30 PM – Informal Holy Eucharist in the Iona style

7:00 PM – Summer Choir Rehearsal in the church


Thursday, July 24 – Thomas a Kempis, Priest, 1471

9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Mary Ann Mento


Friday, July 25 – St. James the Apostle

Sabbath Day – Fr. Scott

9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Vivian Lacy


Saturday, July 26 – Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sabbath Day – Fr. Scott


Sunday, July 27 – Feast of St. James the Apostle, transferred


8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I – The 8:00 am worship is a simple, quiet service.

Our time together begins with the Liturgy of the Word (scripture, prayers, and sermon) and ends with the Liturgy of the Table (Holy Communion). There is no music at this service.  Worship together lasts approximately 45 minutes.


10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II –  The 10:00 am worship includes hymns and

music.  This service usually lasts about 70 minutes. Following the service there is a time of fellowship and refreshments.


8:00 PM – AA 



The St. James’ Weekly Newsletter from

July 20, 2014 

Looking Ahead

Saturday, July 26, 12-4PM…….……… St. James’ Blueberry Dessert Festival

Sunday, July 27…………..…………………Celebration of the Feast of our Patron,                                                                                                                     St. James the Apostle

Saturday, August 9…………………………………………………………Norman’s Attic

Saturday, September 20…….Anniversary of the first Diocesan Convention                                                                           

                                                                       held at Arlington in 1790

Saturday, October 4 ………………….……………………………………...Harvest Fest


The Prayers of the People

For the Sick:  Ken Blackler; Garrett Brewer; Janet Burch; John Clancy; Peter Garneau;  Pamela Harris;  Marie Hauck; Joel Hill; Campbell Hoyt; Esther Jaffee; John Jaworski; Bruce Keene; Louis Kwasniewski; John Laughrey; Allan Mears; Jack Michael; Cecelia O’Brien; Susy Schott; Mackenzie Sibley; Shirley and Don Smith; Yvonne Sutton;  Dot Whitley; Allan; Anita; Bruce; Dennis; Dick; Helen; Isaac; John; Judy; Kay

For the Departed:    For all our loved ones who have died; for all those who have died in the service of our country.

For Those In Need of Our Prayers:   Charles; Anna, Sherri; Alyce; Curtis and his family; Sara; John and Katie; Joan; Scott Grover; the victims of natural disasters around the world; the children of Syria and all children affected by conflict and turmoil; refugees around the world; pray for peace in all the nations of the world.             

For Those Who Celebrate This Week:

     Birthdays:  7/22-Michele Stone; 7/24-Jake Claro; 7/27-Todd Closs

     Wedding Anniversaries:    7/24-Kelly and Allan Langlais, Debbie and Gene Stone  

     Baptismal Anniversaries:  None this week

For Those Who Serve in the Armed Forces:  Gary Marckres; Amy

In Thanksgiving:  For the many individual ministries that enrich us as a community of faith and the greater community in which we live; for the Altar Guild; for the gift of good weather; for the gifts of faith, hope and love; for the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit.   

For The Church:  For Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Katharine, our Presiding Bishop; Thomas, our Bishop; for the people and mission of this Diocese; for this parish of St. James’, its mission, and for Scott, our priest; for the Rev. Keith F.  Patterson, priest; for the Rev. Sean Lanigan, priest; in the Diocesan Prayer Calendar we pray for St. John’s Church, Randolph and the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.     

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE:  The list of those who have requested our prayers and remembrances is printed weekly in SJWN. Please remember to read the list each week so that you may recall the individuals for whom we pray collectively at that time.  Don’t forget to send us any updates about people you may have added to the list. Forms are available on the table in the nave after the last row of pews.


     Monday, July 21: Office Hours: 9 AM-12 noon

     Tuesday, July 22: Summer Lunch Program Activities

     Friday, July 25: Sabbath Day

     Saturday, July 26: Sabbath Day



Saturday, July 26, 12 Noon until all the desserts are gone! 

Blueberries are in season and it’s time to enjoy one of summer’s special treats. There will be blueberry shortcake, with or without whipped cream as you prefer; blueberry buckle, blueberry pie by the slice or by the whole pie; blueberry muffins and other treats.  Join us on the church lawn (weather permitting) for a delicious home-baked treat and then take some home to share. There will be lemonade and iced tea to accompany the blueberry treats. The Blueberry Dessert Festival is sponsored by the Women of St. James; all proceeds support the music ministry at St. James’. Don’t miss it!!!

BLUEBERRY BAKERS ALERT!  Blueberries will be provided for anyone who is willing to bake for the Blueberry Dessert Festival this coming Saturday. The quarts of blueberries are in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator in the kitchen. Take what you need for whatever you are making. If you have any questions, just check with Mary Ann Mento. Thank you!!



NORMAN’S ATTIC NEWS: Norman’s Attic is closer than we may realize (or are we just pretending it will go away?????)  Seriously, we still need help from everyone so please check the signup sheets on the Bulletin Board in the undercroft and decide how you want to participate.  

·          Vendor Booths - Patricia Michael & Joanna Taylor- Do you want to sell something of your own? You can rent a space for $40 for Norman’s Attic or $70 for both Norman’s Attic and Harvest Fest.        

  • Food Court - Sue Claro & Kathleen Moore: Over all chairs for:
    • Grill- Men of St James: A donation list on the bulletin board in the church undercroft for donations of cash to purchase food items will be posted.  We have received generous donations from Arlington Dairy Bar, Paulin’s, Stewarts and Chem Clean but we still need to purchase supplies and various food items.  Rather than post a lengthy list we are asking for money donations so that the various coordinators can shop all at once for what they need and get the best price. This saves you the time and trouble to shop for individual items and helps increase our net profits.
    • Fresh Healthy Foods- Beth Neal: Wraps and side salads.  We will have a work party on Friday night to assemble the wraps and package the salads, pizza provided! (Always a fun time – really!)
    • Coffee, Drinks, Dessert – Chair TBA: Bagels and muffins with morning coffee and dessert in the afternoon; coffee, water and soft drinks available all day.  Please sign up to bake! (See special “Help Wanted” notice below.)
  • Gourmet Bake - Pat Clancy: Baked goods of all kinds, pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, soup, beans and other cooked/baked items.  Please contribute your specialty!
  • Lucky Number Theme Basket Drawing - Nancy Boardman: Some really good ideas have been posted already. Check it out!
  • Recycle & Re-use- June Sherwin & Shirley Letiecq: Any household item not used any more. Items were due July 15th so please check with June and/or Shirley if you still have things to donate.

Norman’s Attic “Help Wanted” List:

  • A spray team: Thur/Fri. to spray lines for vendor spaces. Don’t worry – it’s not free form spraying. There’s a template. 
  • Set-up team and Clean-up team—Help set-up on Fri evening and Sat morning before event (Sat around 7:30AM       and after 4PM for clean-up)


A NOTE ABOUT THE “COFFEE AND….” BOOTH. We really need someone (some ones?) to sign up to help staff this booth at Norman’s Attic. It is an important part of our hospitality to vendors and guests alike. The "Coffee and ..." booth is open for the entire day with bagels, muffins and doughnuts in the morning; desserts in the afternoon. Vendors get free coffee so that means we have to be ready early. You don't have to sign up for the entire day. Below are some possible "shift times" but these are flexible - we can work around your schedule. If you don’t have time to do an entire shift, don’t worry – just let us know what time you have available. Remember, we’re flexible! If you can help, we'll provide more details. Here's the proposed schedule: 7-10 AM; 10AM-1PM; 1-4PM.  Any time you can give will be appreciated greatly. It really is fun to meet and greet everyone.

The Donation List and Help List are posted on the bulletin board. Please be as generous as you can with your time and talents! No gift of time or treasure is too small – this is St. James’ presenting itself to the community and working with other members of our home town and with the greater community – let’s all be a part of it in any way we can!

If you have questions or concerns, please call either Joanna or Patricia. Many thanks for your continuing support and generosity. Joanna Taylor: 375-9330 or email; Patricia Michael: (802) 379-8132 or email


Norman’s Attic Tag Sale Maps are available again this year through the Arlington Community Club. List your location on the map and generate good traffic for your sale. There is a $5.00 fee to be listed. All proceeds benefit the Arlington Community House. Maps will be distributed from Arlington Community House on the day of the event. For an application, contact the Arlington Community Club, Att: NA Tag Sale, P.O. Box 525, Arlington, VT 05250. For additional information contact Joanna Taylor at 802-375-9330 or via email to


Congratulations to MAU Junior Sebastian Durfee!  Sebastian has won the role of Romeo in Hubbard Hall’s 20th Annual Free Outdoor Shakespeare Tour.  Son of Melanie Dexter and David Durfee, Sebastian learned about the open auditions for the role from his mother, who had played violin in the theater company's pit for a musical last year. He is no stranger to the stage: He is a member of the MAUHS drama club; performed in many elementary school plays at the Southshire Community School; and participated in the North Bennington Shakespeare Theater since the age of 11.

            Hubbard Hall had decided to cast Romeo and Juliet as actual teenagers for this performance series. At his audition, Sebastian had to deliver a 10-line monologue from the play, and sing 16 bars. Soon after he received an email from Hubbard Hall saying he had been cast as Romeo in the production of Romeo and Juliet. "I was very excited," he said. When asked by a reporter if he were considering a career in theater, Durfee replied, "Definitely!"

            Hubbard Hall describes this version of the classic play as "fun" and "fast-paced." It will feature minimal props and costumes, and will instead focus on the words and actions of the actors to explore how age, authority, religion, and family continue to shape us -- and what can happen when generations collide, or at least fail to communicate – questions of continuing interest even 500 years after Shakespeare’s time.  

            The remaining performances include: Park-McCullough House, North Bennington, July 20;  Georgi Museum, in Shushan, NY, Monday, July 21; Hoosick Falls Common in Hoosick Falls, NY, Tuesday, July 22; Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT, Wednesday, July 23; The Factory Point Town Green, Manchester, Thursday, July 24; Salem Arts Works in Salem, NY, on Friday, July 25; and Greenwich Commons in Greenwich, NY on Saturday, July 26.  All shows start at 7 p.m. and are free and open to the public. According to Hubbard Hall,  unless the forecast calls for definite hard  rain or storms, the outdoor performances will not be canceled until 6:55 p.m. There will be no rain dates.


THIS YEAR’S EPISCOPAL FUN DAY is Saturday, August 2 from 1-5PM at Rock Point, the beautiful and historic home of the Diocese of Vermont.  On the agenda: Barbecue; a bouncy house; swimming; nature walks with scavenger hunt; tours of the lovely Rock Point property; lawn games and a pie baking contest. Admission is by a donation of $10 per individual or $25 per family. For more information, call C.J. at 802-863-1104, ext. 16.

COMMUNITY NEWS: The Martha Canfield Library presents its Annual Book Sale on Saturday, July 26, 9AM-4PM at Fisher Elementary School. There are always specials and surprises and the prices are very, very reasonable! Visit before or after you’ve had your blueberry treats at the Blueberry Dessert Festival! For more information, call the library at 375-6153 or visit