St. James Episcopal Church
Friday, September 04, 2015
Located on Historic Route 7A in the heart of Arlington, VT
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This Week at St. James’

August 24 – August 30, 2015


Monday, August 24 – Saint Bartholomew

7:00 PM – Parish Meeting

Church Open: Rob Faley | Church Close: Parish Meeting


Tuesday, August 25 – Louis IX: King of France, 1270

9:00 AM -12:00 PM – Office hours – TBA

8:00 PM – AA 

Church Open: Rob Faley | Church Close: AA


Wednesday, August 26

5:30 PM Mid-Week Worship – Informal worship service with discussion

7:00 PM Vestry Meeting

Church Open: Rob Faley | Church Close: Mid-Week worship


Thursday, August 27 – Thomas Gallaudet with Henry Winter Syle

9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Patricia Michael

7:00 PM – Stewardship Committee Meeting

Church Open: Rob Faley | Church Close: Alma Graham


Friday, August 28 – Augustine: Bishop of Hippo, 430; Saint Moses the Black

9:00 AM -12:00PM – Office hours – Alma Graham and Jo Gillikin

Church Open: Rob Faley | Church Close: Alma Graham


Saturday, August 29 – John Bunyan: Writer, 1688

Church Open: Rob Faley | Church Close: Alma Graham


Sunday, August 30 – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 17

9:00 am one service only Holy Eucharist Rite II – The Rev. L. Paul Gratz will preside and preach. There will be one service only at 9AM on the five Sundays in August. There will also be only three hymns at these services.


 7:30 PM – AA 

Church Close – AA


From the Senior Warden:Transition News


The vestry and I are happy to announce that the Rev. Christopher David will be joining us as our interim pastor for the next twelve to fifteen months. He will begin at St. James on September 3; his first Sunday with us is September 6. Fr. David recently was the interim at Trinity Church, Rutland. He and his wife, Kathleen, live in Shushan, New York.




As part of the transition and search for a new Rector for St. James’, the vestry has initiated the process of creating a Ministry Discernment Committee. Letters of interest, addressed to the vestry, will be accepted from August through September 6, 2015. For those interested in joining the committee, please read about the formation of a discernment team in the “Calling New Clergy Partnership in a Congregation” document. A copy of this document can be found on the table in the narthex or online.  The letter of interest should explain why the applicant would like to serve on the committee.


The purpose of the Discernment Committee is to study and reflect on the ministries of the congregation, current and future; to discern which model of leadership best enacts and supports the next phase of our ministry; and to identify the clergy candidate who has the gifts and skills to partner with the congregation in these ministries. The average discernment process lasts between four and eighteen months. Therefore those interested in joining this process must understand the necessary commitment to and the seriousness of this ministry.


Committee guidelines include: 5 to 7 people on the committee; be available for a year+ for regular meetings of the committee and help in the decision-making process; only one person from each family; must be a pledging member; at least one  vestry member; no staff member or wardens may serve.


For additional information, check the Diocesan website as noted above or speak to Joanna Taylor, Senior Warden.


Looking Ahead:


Online parish calendar


SUNDAYS IN AUGUST: One Service Only at 9AM (August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30)


Saturday, September 26: Harvest Fest: Mary Ann Mento, Chair  




The Episcopal Church in Vermont Mountain E-News: August 18, 2015


St. James' Sermons




THE NEXT PARISH MEETING IS MONDAY, AUGUST 24 AT 7PM in the undercroft.  Join the Senior Warden, Joanna Taylor, and other parishioners to discuss and review the past month as a parish and participate in the preparation for the coming month.  Everyone is invited to attend. 



There is immediate need for the following: Deodorant; soap; shampoo; toothbrushes; toothpaste; razors & shaving cream; diapers (all sizes); feminine products; men’s clothing (all sizes); cleaning supplies; toilet paper; paper towels; garbage bags. There is a large plastic bin in the narthex to collect the donations. They are taken to BCCH on Wednesday afternoons. For more information, please check with Michael Rice.


 Prayers of the People:


For the Sick:  Ken Blackler; Garrett Brewer; Joseph Eppink; Peter Garneau;

Mary Gerisch; Jo Gillikin; Pamela Harris; Esther Jaffee; John Jaworski; Jane Jersey; Bruce Keene; Marianne Kennedy; Joyce Klugewicz; John Laughrey; Shirley Letiecq; Mary Loring; Jack Michael; Cecelia O’Brien; Ralph and Natalia Panelli; MaryAnn Schaefer; Dot Whitley; Anita; Beth; Bruce; Celia; Dennis; Dick; Helen; Isaac; Jan; John; Judy; Kay; Kelly; Susan; Laurie and Jim.


For the Departed:   Julian Bond; all our loved ones departed from this life on earth: “…sweet is the calm of paradise the blest.”


For Those In Need of Our Prayers:  The family of Abiti Heikhaus-Weaver; Charles; Anna, Sherri; Alyce; Sue; Sara; John and Katie; Joan; Cathy; Alex; Sofia; Eleanor; Jack, Vin, Jan and A.J.; the Kluj family; Caitlyn; the Rohinga Community of Burma; those fleeing strife in the Middle East and North Africa; all who need our prayers; for peace among all nations.     


For Those Who Celebrate This Week:

Birthdays8/26-Lauren Weeks; 8/27-Carol Farley; 8/28-Debbie Roberts;

8/29-June Sherwin

Wedding Anniversaries:  8/24-Cindy and Sam Pike; 8/28-Heather and Rob Faley      

Baptismal Anniversaries:   8/27- Fr. Scott Neal


For Those Who Serve in the Armed Forces:  Gary Marckres; Amy; Willow Bucchieri-Sibley; Margaret 


In Thanksgiving:   For the ministry of the Rev. Christopher David;  the work of the Senior Warden and the Vestry; the work of the SLP volunteers;  the parish family of St. James’;  the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit; the gift of faith;  the hope of peace.


For The Church:  For Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Katharine, our Presiding Bishop; Michael, our Presiding Bishop-Elect; Thomas, our Bishop; the people and mission of this Diocese; this parish of St. James’ and its mission; the Rev. Paul Gratz, our celebrant today;  the Revs. Scott Neal, Keith F.  Patterson, Sean Lanigan, Rolfe Lawson, John Miller and Christopher David, priests; in the Diocesan Prayer Calendar we pray for Grace Church, Sheldon and the Church of the Province of Uganda.


2015 VESTRY CONTACT INFORMATION.  Steven Blackler, People’s Warden (518-677-5024); Rob Faley (375-9355); Dan Frank (236-2117); Ed Gust (375-9311); Kathleen Moore (768-8027); Garry Roosma (375-1374); Joanna Taylor, Senior Warden (375-9330).



Marilyn King, President;  Nancy Boardman; Pat Clancy;  David Durfee; Vivian Lacy; Evan Lawrence; Patricia Gordon Michael; Jill Roosma; Joanna Taylor. 


A REMINDER: INFORMATION FOR SJWN is due no later than Wednesday of each week by 4PM.  E-mail to submit your information. Thank you!


PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE:  Please remember to send us updates about people you have added to the list of those for whom we pray.  Forms are available on the table in the nave after the last row of pews. You may also send a note to the parish office.