St. James has a number of committees and groups that help to keep the parish vibrant and healthy, and to extend goodwill and God’s peace throughout the community at large. All parishioners are welcomed and encouraged to share their talents and to become involved in our parish whether it’s by helping the Altar Guild with weekly set-ups or flower arrangements, assisting with fundraisers, working on the various outreach programs, or simply, quietly lending a hand where needed.


Altar Guild
The Altar Guild prepares the altar for services held in the church, and assists the clergy whenever necessary. The members are also responsible for cleaning the altars, floral arrangements, caring for the sacred vessels, and securing the necessary articles to be used at any service. 
Our members do their work with the utmost dedication and skill, always going the extra mile.  

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is responsible for the preparation of the parish budget, the monitoring of the finances and investments of the parish. The committee is also responsible for overseeing and organizing parish-wide fundraisers such as Norman’s Attic and Harvest Fest.  


This committee is charged with making suggestions on where funds should be disbursed for the year. Members also help to address the needs of those who come to our door throughout the year.

 Parish Life Committee
This committee helps to coordinate the various parish activities. It is responsible for hosting a variety of programs which will foster goodwill and parish community involvement. The Parish Life Committee has hosted such events as our Fat Tuesday dinner (pre-Lent), Our Abundance dinner (post-pledging), and a Planning for Death forum. In addition, we hosted several coffee hours to help celebrate such events as St James’ Day and Pentecost. The Parish Life Committee is also in charge of coordinating our Free-will Community Dinners during the winter months.

 Pastoral Care/In-Reach
This group works with the members of the parish who are infirm, shut-in or ill. They keep the parish aware of the situation of these individuals, update the Intercessory Prayer List and accompany the Rector for home communions. Designated members maintain a telephone contact with those unable to attend church regularly. If you or your family, or someone you know is in need of pastoral care of any nature, please feel free to call the parish office (375-9952).

 Women of St. James (WOSJ)
This group is open to all women of the parish and helps with much of the "behind the scenes"  workings of the parish, including assisting with Sunday morning coffee hours, making certain that the kitchen is well-stocked, getting servers for the local Senior Meals program, and organizing receptions after funerals if desired.

 Worship Committee
This committee plans and evaluates the liturgical life of the parish and is responsible for helping to create worship services at St. James including liturgy, music and related areas. The Worship Committee also coordinates the Lay Liturgical participation.

Buildings and Grounds

This group oversees the buildings and cemetery, sets up projects, and sees the work is done. It is also responsible for the coordination of the snow removal and lawn care.


A group of volunteers   provides a presence during open office hours. They perform a variety of clerical and secretarial duties including maintain the files, answer the phone, replying to emails and working with the priest. They volunteer their time several mornings each month when the office is scheduled to be open.


This committee maintains and is responsible for the parish website and Facebook. They keep the parish and community aware of what is happening at St James and sends out publicity to local newspapers.

 For specific information regarding current committee chairs or contacts, please contact the church office at 802 375-9952 or email We look forward to hearing from you.