Sundays during Lent – March 10, 17, 24 and 31


 Our Lenten adult education program this year is a discussion of the Rev. Tim Schenck's book, Dust Bunnies in the Basket: Finding God in Lent & Easter. It's amusing and upbeat, with a solid core of Prayer Book teaching about these holy seasons. The illustrations are by the Rev. Jay Sidebotham, whose very funny cartoons are featured on the Church Pension Fund's wall calendar you may have seen. Here's a tidbit of the book, from the Introduction:

 The first Sunday in Lent is always awkward since I never know how to greet people. I can't really say "Happy Lent," and "Merry Lent" certainly doesn't work. Nothing quite rolls off the tongue because I'm not always sure how to approach this season of spiritual preparation. 

 Lent is a very personal time of reflection and introspection as we examine our lives and our relationship with God, coming face-to-face with our own sinfulness and mortality...Still, this doesn't answer our question of what to say to people at coffee hour. Fortunately, the Ash Wednesday liturgy gives us a clue. We are invited on behalf of the Church to the observance of a holy Lent. Not a successful or productive or guilt-ridden or dour or twig-eating Lent, but a holy Lent.

 Does this spark your interest? Come read and discuss what else Fr. Schenck says about Lent and Easter. Bring your own experiences to share! The group will meet in the undercroft and will be co-led by John Miller and Susan Nagle. We have received a special price of $8.00 from Forward Movement for the paperback book. Copies will be available on Sunday, March 3. (Please see Patricia Michael to get a copy.)  Participants are asked to read the chapter for discussion in advance of each group meeting.