Update from the Ministry Discernment Committee

The Ministry Discernment Committee is charged by resolution of the Vestry “to recommend to us a leadership model; and if the model will include the calling of a priest from outside the congregation, the recommendation from the MDC will be a priest who best demonstrates the gifts and skills needed by this congregation as reflected in our Profile.” At the solemn commissioning of MDC, in front of the congregation, we promised to perform the work with which we are charged with “diligence, love, and patience.”

As we look to the future, we – all of us, committee and congregation, will engage in the necessary processes of self-study, research, information gathering and prayerful contemplation that will lead us to the successful conclusion of the discernment process and the beginning of the next chapter of life at St. James’ Church, Arlington. 

Ever mindful of our need for spiritual guidance and strength, the MDC has adopted a prayer in which we seek God’s wisdom, love and light as we move forward. Click here to see the prayer. We ask that you pray that prayer for us and with us. Please keep a copy of the prayer near you and take a few moments in your schedule to pray it. We are grateful for your help and support.

Eileen Rice, Chair
Susan Gratz
Chris Meyer
Patricia Michael
Garry Roosma