Update from the Ministry Discernment Committee

On October 5th, the Vestry and the Ministry Discernment Committee (MDC) met with Bishop Ely and Lynn Bates (Canon to the Ordinary) to review the narratives prepared for the Portfolio to seek potential rector candidates.  During the course of that meeting some recommendations were offered for clarity and improvement of the Portfolio responses.  Those revisions will be made by the MDC at its meeting on October 16th, after which the final Portfolio will be submitted to the Bishop’s office and posted online early in November.

The parish discernment phase will then conclude and the MDC will move onward to the next stage of preparing to receive names of interested candidates, getting to know them and them to know us.  To mark this transition and entry into the next step of the process, the MDC plans on revising and sharing with the Parish a new discernment prayer.  While awaiting responses from candidates, over the next two months Lynn Bates will work with the MDC on the conduct of the interview process with the anticipation that names of potential candidates will begin to be received after the first of the year.

The Vestry has allocated funds for use by the MDC to bring candidates here for interviews and introduction to St. James and the Arlington area.   After deliberating the outcome of all interviews, the MDC will present a ‘short list’ of candidates to the Vestry and the Vestry will make the final decision as to our new rector.