Who are we ...

...We are spiritual and religious...

Have a longing to connect with others in community? We search, struggle, question, and celebrate together.  Looking for relevance in life?  We engage our life stories by connecting them with an ancient story, one that offers us joy and hope and is life-giving.   Want to grow in spirituality? We practice ancient forms of worship and are open to new possibilities, hold a broadness of view and keep our traditions.   We are a diverse community of believers on a spiritual journey.  

                                   We are Episcopal 

...We are a welcoming and reconciling

                              community of faith...

“All persons are individuals of sacred worth. We affirm Jesus' example of love without reservation and covenant to deal compassionately and justly with each other. Therefore, this inclusive and nurturing community of faith will continue to welcome all persons of any age, gender, ethnic origin, economic reality, family status, sexual orientation, diverse ability or social standing as full participants in the life and work of this reconciling congregation.”  

...We are members of the

                                   Episcopal Church in Vermont...

We are connected with 47 other congregations, striving to pray the prayer of Christ, learn the mind of Christ, and do the deeds of Christ in our homes and schools, workplaces and communities, and in the wider world. 

We are engaged in God's mission in the world!


Mission Statement

St. James’ Episcopal Church is a community

whose doors are open to all people

to be free to worship God,

pray to God and

show Christ’s Love to the world.

 adopted by the Vestry September 2010